Who is Breakline?

"Whenever two distinct bodies of water come together in the lake, gulf or ocean, tremendous opportunity exists for bagging fish"- Breakline.

Like you, we got tired of getting attached to our "favorite" pair of sunglasses , and much to our dismay; we misplace them, or they incur some damage. And only then to find ourselves spending an arm and a leg on our next "soon to be memory." Well, we set out to remedy this everyday scenario once and for all. So what did Breakline come up with? We came up with a brand idea directed to the everyday consummate outdoorsman. An innovative forward thinking brand, built around designing superior eyewear with fresh and imaginative frame selections, cutting edge lens technology, coupled with a lightweight and durable frame. Not only do we strive to construct a top of the line product for the active individual, but offer it at a reasonable cost, and back ALL of this up by giving your next pair of shades a LIFETIME WARRANTY and a LOSS/REPLACEMENT PROGRAM! Our lifetime warranty & loss prevention program is unmatched. In a time and space where we, the consumer, can easily get "lost in the shuffle", Breakline aims to put our needs back in the hands of the people. We got your back.

Therefore, when two distinct forces converge, Breakline emerged & good things began to happen! 

In addition, we strongly believe in giving back and supporting the veterans who gave up so much for this country. Each sale contributes to wounded veterans. With  that being said, you won't be disappointed with Breakline sunglasses, trust us. Check us on social media and you will quickly see a plethora of satisfied Breakliners.  #wheredoyoubreakline #seeclearly 


What Makes Breakline the Best Polarized Fishing & Outdoor Sporting Sunglasses?


Breakline's are built to last and designed to improve your outdoor lifestyle. Through innovative polarized lens technology, you'll see that we truly offer the best polarized sunglasses in this space.. Our NXT polarized lenses share the same advantages to glass, such as scratch resistance, anit-fog & perfect clarity. But with us you get the highest quality in polyurethane-Trivex giving you the most stylish, ultra lightweight sunglassess at a more casual price. All of our lenses have multi-layered coatings meticulously applied to each lens, enhancing your vision and the durability of the product. We challenge you to compare our polarized sunglasses to the other players in the outdoor and fishing arena. 


Giving Back

Breakline is a strong advocate for anything outdoors: getting outside doing what you love, and believes this provides many great benefits to our society. We are also committed to supporting our great nation and those who love serving our country. As a way to show our support, we proudly raise money for Heroes On the Water, which is a non-profit using therapy programs that involve getting wounded warriors out on the water, fishing in solidarity with each other. These programs have been proven to help relieve symptoms of ongoing stress and even PTSD in many wounded veterans. We thank them for their service!