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The Sundown and Vulcan models are our most lightweight frame options.  The Medium sized, 6 base Sundown and Vulcan frames provide ultimate clarity and performance in a fashion-inspired metal frame. 

145mm W x 140mm L x 51mm H

Italian Made Metal frame

NXT Polarized Lenses

Lifetime Warranty + Loss Replacement


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Kevin Whitmire


I've got a twelve year old daughter. I ordered myself a pair of Vulcan and Sundown frames to try. Less than 24 hours after receiving my order, my 12 year old had decided the Vulcans looked better on her than on me and said they were hers. With teenagers being one of the hardest audiences to please, I would have to say Breakline nailed this one. My daughter has refused to wear any of the previous styles because they didn't look cool to her. Now she's in love with the Vulcan and telling her friends about it.