Why Breakline Rx?

Due to overwhelming demand, we set out to offer our amazing lenses in prescription. Now, it’s finally here! You can place an order online for our product in Rx lenses from Single Vision to Progressive to Flat Line bi/trifocals.

In our innovative spirit, we decided to do things different and challenge the status quo. Normally, prescription lenses are marked up 4x before the consumer finally gets to buy them. Too many people have to be paid in this industry and everyone assumes they deserve certain margins.

We decided to work backwards. First, we figured out how much gross profit we need to operate in dollars (not percentage) and were then able to set our Rx pricing significantly below the average retail value of comparable lenses. Keep reading below to learn more.

In Breakline, you will find a sunglasses company who designed their polarized sunglasses specifically for the fishing and water-bound community.

Twice the Quality, Half the Price

You know how incredible our lenses are! Now, imagine that in prescription, but for half the price of your average retail costs. How is that, you may ask? It’s simple, we offer our prescription product online, which allows us to sell them for a much lower price.

We have cut out the “middle man” and designed a process that allows us to fill accurate prescriptions and provide you these awesome lenses for a great price.

Lifetime Warranty

We are one of very few companies offering an Rx Lifetime Warranty program on frames and lenses.