Your Breakline sunglasses are backed by an industry leading lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects and a one-time loss replacement in the event you lose or break your shades.  

All of our lenses are made from a polarized material called NXT, which is lighter than polycarbonate and more impact resistant than glass with anti-fogging technology.

To insure your Breaklines are always up to your next adventure, we offer the following care tips:

1.  NEVER leave your sunglasses on the dash of your vehicle.  Temperatures inside a car can reach nearly 150 degrees on a moderately hot day.  This can cause frames to expand and lenses to delaminate, peel away or even bubble in extreme cases.

2.  "On your face or in a case" is our unofficial sunglass care motto.  Keeping your sunglasses secure in a case or around your neck is great insurance against accidental drops or other mishaps.  Also, avoid putting your sunglasses in your pocket as they may inadvertently get scratched by other items such as keys. Wearing your sunglasses on top of your head or hat can stretch the hinges as well.

3.  Two hands are better than one.  By removing your shades with both hands, when applicable, you maintain the integrity of the frame and keep your hinges in top shape.  Folding the arms of your sunglasses with a bit of care will insure the hinges stay true in alignment and sturdy when fully extended.

4.  We recommend cleaning your sunglasses with a drop of mild soap and water.  Give your lenses a quick glance before rinsing to determine if any affixed debris or particles require special attention.  We always recommend using our microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe them down.  Paper products such as napkins or even a cotton T-shirt will deteriorate lens clarity.