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Cahaba Jim Root Edition


This may be our most versatile style yet. It is our Best Seller, alongside the Regulator. Cahaba is very light-weight, sporty and will fit a wide variety of face shapes and sizes. It is a large frame and it’s flexibility allows even the largest faces to fit into it. Using the same quality design and material, it’s great for almost any outdoor activity. The wrap coverage provides optimal light blocking as well.


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MaxVelocity Frame Construction

Breakline features MaxVelolicyâ„¢ high impact frames engineered to withstand all extremes of natural & man made abuse. All Breakline products are made with Grilamid TR-90, a stress tested polymer known for retaining structural integrity and its powerful resistance to severe temperatures. Our MaxVelocityâ„¢ frame technology is best in class for durability, function, longevity, style & comfort. Breakline is 100% manufactured in the mountain valleys of Northern Italy, a region renowned for century old tradition in the precision craftsmanship of high quality eyewear.


The lightweight nature of MaxVelocity significantly increases comfort.

UV Resistant

The color and finish on MaxVelocity frames will not become distorted or faded due to UV exposure.


MaxVelocity durability is derived from its flexibility. Our highly flexible frames make them less likely to break under stress or impact than a more rigid frame.


MaxVelocity is extremely flexible, which makes it adaptable to different head sizes and increases comfort.

Temperature Resistant

Under hot or cold temperatures, the TR90 frames will not lose their shape or become distorted.

The perfect mix between high-tech and style

Crisp, Clear Vision

There's never a time when seeing clearly isn't important. These lenses provide precision optics and incredible clarity, the same as glass at half the price and much lighter.

Anti-Smudge & Water Repellent

Anti-smudge is a treatment which protects both sides of lenses. It prevents scratches equally on the front and back of the lens. Neither smudges, finger prints, dust nor water adhere to the surface -- they simply go away.


Anti-fog is useful when temperature changes, for outdoor activities, for leisure or when practicing a sport such as winter sports, biking or jogging.

High Impact

The high impact lens with ballistic resistance is extremely durable and pass Z87.1 testing. Perfectly suitable for demanding jobs and outdoor activity.


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Danny Parker


The Cahaba frame styles larger fit is perfect. They are comfortable and light weight. I can wear them all day in a fishing tournament with no paint on my ears like other brands cause. The NXT lenses are extremely clear and seem to enhance your vision on the water. Paired with the fog resistance technology makes them even better.